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Saint Eborius, Restitutus and Adelphius Bishop

Reposed 4th century Remembered February 6

The church in Britain was fully Orthodox in its faith. Three Bishops attended the church Council of Arles in Gaul in 314, Eborius of York, Restitutus of London, and Adelphius. The latter would have come from one of the other main towns. Besides the bishops there was Sacerdos, a priest, and Arminius, a deacon. They probably represented a bishop from one of the other towns. It is likely, however, there were bishops in other places.

Troparion Tone 8

‘Holy Bishops of Britain taught us true faith,
and attended church councils in order to defend it.
Eborius, Restitutus and Adelphius,
pray for us now in our time of need.’

Statue of Constantine at York

Roman Fort at Vindolanda on Hadrian's Wall

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