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Saint Dyfrig or Dubricius Bishop

Reposed 550 Remembered November 14

St Dyfrig (Dubricius) was a Bishop of the old Romano-British type in the region of Hereford and Gwent. He may have had a link with the 5C St Germanus of Auxerre (or his disciples). He may have first established a base in an old Roman site at Ariconium (Archenfield) in Herefordshire. He founded several monasteries and may have travelled as far south as Somerset. He was an influential teacher; his disciples were St Illtud (llltyd) and St Cadoc in the south and St Deiniol in the north. He made St Samson Abbot of Caldey Island in the Severn Estuary and himself spent time there. An Ogham stone there has inscribed on it ‘Magl Dubr’, ‘the tonsured servant of Dubricius’. He attended the Welsh Synod of Llandewi Breffi in 545. St Dyfrig retired to Bardsey Island off the Lleyn Peninsula and died there. St Dyfrig was of exceptional importance for the early church in Wales as a unifying force and of continuity of tradition. His tomb is in Llandaff Cathedral.

Aidan Hart

Troparion Tone 5

‘You are worthy of all honour O holy Dyfrig
as Bishop who taught the faith to all.
You founded houses of prayer and obedience
where people could drink of the Spirit
to cleanse their hearts and make them like Christ.
Pray to Christ that he may save our souls’.

Tomb of St Dyfrig

Ogham Stone

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