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Saint Pabo Royal

Reposed 510 Remembered November 9

St Pabo was a Romano-British king from the Old North (which stretched all the way to Strathclyde). He went by the name Post Prydain, ‘Pillar of Britain’. It is said he became a Christian and retired and founded a church at Llanbabo in Anglesey. A fine grave slab of the 14C shows a Royal with crown and sceptre bearing his name and written on it: Hic iacet Pa[bo] Post Priid Co[nf Gr] … [t]el [i]ma[ginem obtulit]" Here lies Pabo the Upholder of Britain, Confessor. This stone was hidden during the Reformation but rediscovered in 1680. Faces above the church door may represent St Pabo and his two children looking out at their graves in the churchyard.

He may be the grandfather St Deiniol the Elder, St Asaph and St Tysilio.There were many ancient church in Anglesey but Llanpabo alone has a circular wall around it typical of very early foundations.

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Faces over door

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