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Saint Sadwrn or Saturninus Ascetic

Reposed 6th century Remembered September 29

St Sadwrn, (Saturninus), came from Brittany with his brother St Cadfan. He married his cousin St Canna and they became the parents of St Crallo. He founded the church of Llansadwrn on Anglesey which stands on the site of his cell and his grave. A 6th century stone, inscribed with his name and that of his wife St Canna, was discovered in 1742 and is now inside the church. This is one of the few surviving tombstones of saints: hic beatus (-) saturninus se(pultus) (i)acit et sua sa[ncta] coniu(n)x pa(x) (vobiscum sit): ‘Here lies buried St Sadwrn with his blessed wife Peace be unto you’. He may later have become a hermit on Anglesey.

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