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Saint Euny or Uny Ascetic

Reposed 5/6C Remembered February 5

St Euny (or Uny) was said to be the brother of St Ia, St Erc and St Breaca. At Carn Euny near Sancreed between St Just and Madron there was an ancient Iron Age village. The early timber dwellings have been excavated and the stone dwellings which replaced them can still be seen. A complex of stone buildings evolved in Romano-British times, which seem part Iron Age round house and part Roman villa. These lasted till 5C. They were served by two holy wells and two holy trees at Chapel Euny. Here we are at the interface between the pre-Christian and Christian eras.

St Euny has another holy well at Carn Brea on the outskirts of Redruth

The Holy Well

The Holy Tree

Carn Brea Holy Well

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