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Saint Helen or Helan Ascetic

Date of repose unknown Remembered October 7

Another 5C Chi-Rho symbol was found at St Helen’s oratory on Cape Cornwall. The site, which goes back to Roman times, has a chapel on it, though the building has a complicated history of rebuild. ‘Helen’ could refer to a female from Wales; however other churches in Cornwall dedicated to St Helen properly refer to a male St Helan who worked and died in Brittany. There is also a St Helen’s in the Scilly isles which refers to St Elidius.

There was a holy well here and a Latin 4C cross which is not affixed to the gable end of the chapel.

The place has an amazing feel so close to the end of the ’British’’world’. At one time it was thought to be the most westerly point in Britain but accurate mapping shows that this is not quite strictly true but it matters not.

The chapel

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