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Saint Sidwell or Sativola Martyr

Reposed 7 century Remembered July 31

St Sidwell (Sativola) was a British virgin in Exeter who, like St Urith of Chittlehampton, was killed by a scythe,the reapers being incited by a jealous stepmother because St Sidwell and not the grandmother was left her father’s inheritance. Her name is made up of the words ‘scythe’ and ‘well’, which has led some to doubt her existence. There is a well just outside Exeter which goes back to Roman times whither many pilgrims made their way to honour her. The rebuilt, ex-Saxon church, was bombed in the war and a brand new church built in the 1950’s.

She has a holy well at Llaneast near Altarnon in Cornwall.

Laneast holy well

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