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Saint Bridget or Brigit Abbess

Reposed 524 Remembered February 1

St Bridget (Brigit) is the most famous woman saint of Ireland. She was born at Faughart, Dundalk, Co Louth. Her mother was a Christian Pict and slave, her father. Among other things St Brigit had a great love of the poor. St Mel gave her the veil. She founded a double monastery one for men the other for women at Kildare, Co Kildare. St Conleth as bishop ministered to both and she was abbess of the women. She was known for many miracles. She has many holy wells to her name

St Brigit was buried at the right hand of the altar at Kildare and a costly tomb placed over her, at the place where the Church of Ireland cathedral now stands.

Kildare Holy Well and Holy Tree

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