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Saint Cannice or Cainnech or Kenneth(Ireland) Abbot

Reposed 600 Remembered August 1 (NC)

St Cannice (Cainnech or Kenneth) was one of the twelve apostles of Ireland and at Clonard became a friend of Columba. He was also a disciple of St Mobhi at Glasnevin and of St Ciaran and St Comgall. Fleeing the plague he went to Wales to study under St Cadoc and was ordained priest in 545.

He sought out his friend St Columba on Iona in Scotland and joined in evangelising the Picts. He is remembered on the island of Tiree and Inch Kenneth off Mull and made other foundations in Scotland.

Back in Ireland he founded a church and monastery in Kilkenny, one of the last areas in Ireland to become Christian. He also founded a hermit settlement at Monaincha (‘Island in the bog’) Co Tipperary and at Aghaboe in Co Laois. In his last years he wrote a continuous commentary on all four Gospels.


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