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Saint Fechin Abbot

Reposed 665 Remembered January 20

St Fechin founded very important monasteries at Omey Island and High Island off the coast of Galway, and at Fore Co Westmeath. The church at Omey was found only by a chance discovery when a roof finial was seen sticking out of the sand after a storm. There is a holy well also on the sea-shore.

High Island

Omey Island

A village in Angus in Scotland is called St Vigeans. Vigeanus everyone is agreed, is another way of speaking of St Fechin of Ireland who founded many monasteries in Ireland in 7C. The village is dominated by a huge mound on which stands the church. There can be no doubt about the fact this was a very important centre. The museum now holds one of the best and most important collections of Pictish stones in existence.On one of the crosses is the familiar scene of the meeting of St Paul and St Anthony. Another imposing stone, the so-calLed Drostan Stone, may have stood at the netrance to the monastery. Another stone may have been used to display relics of St Fechin

St Vigeans

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