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Saint Finbar Abbot

Reposed 623 Remembered September 25

St Finbar was a bishop of Cork and founder of a monastery there. When he was tonsured a monk his name was changed to Fionnbarra or ‘Fairhead’. He lived on an island called Gougane Barra, a beautiful remote spot in West Cork. The island now has a causeway. Its remoteness made it a popular place for Catholics in penal times. There are eight stone cells built round a courtyard.

There were several saints called Finbarr. Cille Bharra (Church of Barra) on the island of Barra in the Outer Hebrides is attributed to him, but it may be the work of his disciples.

St Finbar is also said to have founded a church at Fowey in Cornwall in the 6C.

Troparion of St Finbar tone 4

Truly thou art hymned, O Hierarch Finbar,
as a Father of monastics and shepherd of souls.
Seeing our plight and feeling for us in our great necessity,
cease not to intercede with Christ our God
that He will raise up in our days pastors of thy stature to lead us into the way of truth.

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