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Saint Kevin or Coemgen Abbot

Reposed 618 Remembered June 3

St Kevin (Coemgen) lived in solitude on a precipice over the Upper Lake for several years at Glendalough (‘glen of the two lakes’) in Co Wicklow. The cave (‘St Kevin’s Bed’) (used also by St Lawrence O’Toole)and the church built near it (Temple-na-Skellig) is now deemed too dangerous and can only be seen from across the lake. His hermit’s cell however overlooking the lake can be accessed by foot. The familiar story of the coming of disciples and the building of several churches for them repeats what happened elsewhere with St Colman MacDuagh and others.

Glendalough stll has its fine arched gateway which is unique and beside it a sanctury stone for those seeRoyal refuge in the monastery. esides a splendid round tower and cathedral is St Kevin’s cross and the so-called ‘priests house’ may well have been his ‘house’ for his relics. Another splendid building is the so-called ‘St Kevin’s kitchen’. There are several other churches, a fine round tower,cross and holy well.

Troparion Tone Four

With hymns of praise let us all bless the noble Kevin, who by his godly love poureth divine grace into the hearts of those who honor him; for he dwelleth now with the saints and angels in heaven, where he standeth before the throne of the Most High, praying unceasingly for us all.

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