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Saint Palladius Bishop

Reposed 5C Remembered July 7

St Palladius was a bishop in Gaul who was sent by the Pope to Ireland possibly in 431. A British or Irish monk called Pelagius had appeared in Rome teaching an unbalanced view of asceticism. It may have been the purpose of Palladius’ visit to see that all things were in order; there were clearly Christians already in Ireland; it is likely he would also have ordained new bishops to add to those already in Ireland.

St Sechnal, St Auxilius and St Iserninus (possibly a Briton) may have been bishops who accompanied Palladius; or they may have belonged to the generation after Palladius. There is a certain desire to make out that these and other early Christian leaders were connected to or even subordinate to Patrick when this is unlikely to be the case.

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