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Saint Adomnan or Adamnan or Eunan Abbot

Reposed 704 Remembered September 23

St Adomnan was born in Co Donegal, Ireland, and made abbot there. In 679 he became the ninth abbot of Iona after St Columba. He wrote the famous Life of St Columba and also a book called ‘On Holy Places’. He was noted for his learning and was an important person in both Ireland and Scotland, and a missioner in his own right. He evangelised in the area of Glenlyon in Perth. There are also the ruins of a chapel in Nether Leask in Aberdeenshire; and another church at Lonan on the isle of Man. He made several trips to Northumbria.

His bell can be seen in Innerwick church and his large cross by the roadside in Glen Lyon. A chapel and monastery were founded after his death at Dull.

St Cuthbert came here while a monk at Melrose and his cave, cross and holy well can be found on the steep wooded slope behind the church at Dull.

St Adomnan's Cross

Nether Leask


St Cuthbert's cave and well

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