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Saint Cormac Abbot

Reposed 7 C Remembered December 12

The Irish St Cormac (7C) lived in a cave on Eilean More of the Garvellach Islands in the sound of Jura. The restored chapel is dwarfed by the great Paps of Jura.

St Cormac founded a monastery at Keills in Knapdale in Argyll. Keills is derived from the Manx word for a small simple chapel, Keeils, of which there are many on the Isle of Man. There are chapels of this type on Islay and on the Isle of Man.

The Irish St Brendan built a bee-hive oratory on Eilean Na Naomh,another of the Garvellach Islands, about 542 this before the arrival of St Columba.

St Columba visited the island. St Eithne, St Columba’s mother, is said to have her grave here

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