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Saint Cedd Bishop

Reposed 664 Remembered October 26

St Cedd was an Anglo Saxon of Northumbria who was brought up by St Aidan at Lindisfarne. He was chosen by the king, Oswy, along with 3 other priests to Mercia to evangelise that kingdom withe approval of the Mercian king. However whatever success they had overall things it seems were difficult for them. It was not till a generation later that things got moving when the royal backing went further and grants of land for monasteries were forthcoming.

In view of such a start King Oswy recalled St Cedd and, having received a request from Sigerbert king of the East Angles, sent him there to re-evangelise that kingdom. The king travelled to Northumbria to be baptised by St Finan the then bishop of Lindisfarne. He also ordained Cedd to be bishop of the East Saxons. St Cedd himself baptised the successor of Sigebert.

St Cedd founded several monasteries including Bradwell-on-sea. He was also made abbot of Lastingham on the north Yorkshire moors which sees to have been a base for his evangelistic endeavours and those of his brother St Chad. Sr Cedd played an important role in the Synod of Whitby in 664 partly because of his skill in languages, not only in Gaelic and Latin but possibly in Old English and early Welsh. But he also died of the plague in that years. His remains are to be located at the right hand side of the altar in the crypt of the current church building. There is a holy well also in the village.

Burial place Lastingham

Holy Well Lastingham

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