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Saint Chad Bishop

Reposed 672 Remembered March 2

St Chad was another Anglo-Saxon from Northumbria though his name suggests some British origin. He too was trained under St Aidan at Lindisfarne. He also spent some time in Ireland. St Chad took over as abbot of Lastingham from his brother St Cedd in 664 when many churchmen perished in the plague.

St Chad was appointed Bishop of the Northumbrians by the king but there weren’t three bishop left in the country to perform an ordination according to the Roman rite. He was deposed on this account on the arrival of St Theodore of Tarsus as the new Archbishop of Canterbury. St Theodore did however consecrate St Chad as Bishop of the Mercians and of the Lindsey people i.e. of Lincolnshire.

St Chad built a small monastery at Lichfield where there is also a holy well. There is also a holy well at Lastingham. He died some two years later and immediately venerated as a saint. His relics are enshrined in St Chad’s Cathedral in Birmingham.




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