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Saint Cuthbert Bishop

Reposed 687 Remembered March 20

St Cuthbert was a Northumbrian, a monk and then prior of Melrose, who moved to Lindisfarne and made a bishop there. Even as a priest he travelled and evangelised over the entire north of Britain and was widely known for his miracles. His travels include Dull in Scotland where he had an oratory, cross and Holy well. He had a cave at Holburn in the Kyloe hills of Northumbria for solitude and prayer. He became a hermit, settling on one of the Farne islands near Lindisfarne. He was persuaded to become bishop of Lindisfarne. However after a few months he returned to the hermit life on Farne.

At the Synod of Whitby he accepted the Roman dating of Easter. His remain had to be removed from Linisfarne because of the Vikings and after man a journey reached Durham. When his sarcophagus was opened eleven years after his death his body was found to be incorrupt. It was opened again when his relics were translated to his shrine in the Cathedral at Durham. His Gospel, and vestment of Byzantine silk was found. His body remained interred throughout the Dissolution of the monasteries. When his coffin was last inspected in 1827 his pectoral cross was found.

There are many holy wells dedicated to St Cuthbert. There is a very large one in the bank below the cathedral but it is very difficult of access. The one shown is in Bellingham Co Durham.

Fresco in Durham Cathedral


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