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Saint Mungo or Kentigern Bishop

Reposed 614 Remembered January 13

St Mungo (‘my dear one’) or Kentigern, to give him his proper name, was an itinerant bishop based on Glasgow. Over many years he won many converts by his holy life. An anti-Christian period followed during which he moved south to Hoddom in Strathclyde from where he evangelised Galloway. On his way to Wales he passed through Cumbria and preached the gospel at Crosthwaite in Keswick and elsewhere. When he returned to Glasgow a large community grew around him called ‘Glas-gu’, ‘my family’. He died in 612. His shrine is in the crypt of the Cathedral and holy well close by.
His Life speaks of several miracles.

There are several holly wells dedicated to St Mungo in Cumbria,at Caldbeck, and Bromfield, and there were others at Crosthwaite and Castle Sowerby.

Well inside Cathedral

Well at Caldbeck

Crosthwaite Church

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