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Saint Bertram Ascetic

Reposed 8C Remembered September 9

St Bertram was said to have been a king of Mercia who ruled the land between Stafford and Bristol, He went to Ireland and found a wife but on the jouney back she and the child were killed by wolves on the Staffordshire moors. In grief he renounced his position and lived as a hermit on the same moors. He was buried at Ilam where his shrine, holy well and cave can still be seen. There is another well just north of Ilam


“O holy Bertram, ascetic of the Mercian woods,
forsaking worldly wealth,
thou didst give thyself to God.
Through fasting and prayers by the Manifold,
thou didst acquire the riches of the age to come.
Pray to Christ for us,
that we too may be found worthy of His Kingdom.”

altar shrine at Ilam

Holy Well by the church

holy well north of Ilam

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