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Saint Frideswide Virgin

Reposed 727 Remembered October 19

St Frideswide was the daughter of a Mercian sub-king said to be resposible for founding a double monastery at Christ Church in Oxford. She helped nuns in Binsey by praying for a well; now called St Margaret’s well, it can still be seen in the village a few miles upriver.

Her Lfe records many types of healings, echoing those in the New Testament: cases of blindness, deafness, loss of speech were quite numerous as were various swellings, paralysis and other ways in which the use of limbs had been lost. In addition there were healings for leprosy, various swellings of limbs, paralysis, dropsy, intestinal complaints, constipation, fever, sciatica, ulcers, arthritis, stones, mental derangement.


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