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Saint Paulinus Bishop

Reposed 644 Remembered October 10

St Paulinus was a monk of Rome sent by Pope Gregory in his mission to the English. In 625 he was ordained Bishop to accompany the princess of Kent in the marriage arranged for her to Edwin King of Northumbria. A condition of the marriage was the the King would allow missionaries into his kingdom. The dating and sequence of events is not altogether clear. King Edwin did become a Christian and his daughter by St Ethelburga was baptised and so were many of the nobility at York in 627. On one account he spent 36 days baptising converts.

He is said to have founded other churches in the North, including one at Lincoln. Being the only Roman bishop in England he ordained Honorius as successor to St Justus as Archbishop of Canterbury sometime between 628-31.
King Edwin’s death in battle about 633/4 meant a reversal of fortune in the North. St Paulinus and Queen Ethelburga returned south. St Paulinus was appointed Bishop of Rochester. After his death he was revered as a saint.

The next chapter in the conversion of the North lay in the hands of Irish missionaries summoned from Iona by King Oswald.


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