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Saint Edith Abbess

Reposed 984 Remembered September 16

St Edith was the illegitimate child of King Edward of England who forcefully removed her mother from her convent at Wilton Abbey to fulfil his desres. St Dunstan made the king do penance. Hee was not able to wear his crown for seven years. On the birth of the child the nun went back to the convent with her. Edith eventually took the veil. On the murder of her half-brother Edward at Corfe she was offered the crown of England. She declined to take it. She had a church built at Wilton and died three weeks after the dedication. St Dunstan had foreseen this event – it maybe she had an illness. Minor miracles took place after her death. Her body was found uncorrupt after thirteen years. She was much revered by King Canute who believed that he owed his life to her prayers when delivered from a storm at sea. She became an important national saint.

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