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Saint Ethelwold Bishop

Reposed 984 Remembered August 1

St Ethelwold was Bishop of Winchester and, along with St Dunstan of Canterbury and St Oswald of Worcester, a leading force in the reformation of monastic life in England. The devastation of monasteries and the use of canons of clergy were in due measure part of the decline. He also spent some time as Abbot of Glastonbury and Abbot of Abingdon. He also refounded monastic life at Chertsey, Peterborough, Ely and Thorney and the nunnery at Winchester. He was a strong supporter of King Edgar and was very negative about non-monastic married clergy in cathedrals. He was buried in the crypt of the Old Minster at Abingdon and a miracle was recorded at his tomb. However he was never formally canonised.

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