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Saint Wite Martyr

Reposed not known Remembered June 1

The church in Whitchurch Canonicorum is the only church n the whole country except Westminster Abbey to have kept its mediaeval shrine and the relics preserved. The shrine of St Wite is built into the church wall. The coffin containing the bones of the saint is supported in such a way that through three holes permit the pilgrim to put in their hands, or diseased limb or hankerchief etc in the hope of effecting healing. In 1990 repairs to the shrine had to be carried out which required the opening of the coffin. Inside was a leaden box with an inscription, ‘CT RELIQUE SCE W +HIC REQUESCT RELIQUE SCE WITE’, or, ‘here rest the remains of St Wite’. According to local tradition St Wite appears was a Saxon woman killed by a Dane on one of their marauding expeditions. There is also a holy well near Morcombelake.

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