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Saint Boniface Bishop

Reposed 754 Remembered June 5

St Boniface was born with the name of Winfred probably at Crediton in Wessex, now Exeter. He attended a monastery from an early age at Nursling not far from Winchester. In 716 he set out on his missionary journey to Frisia in Northern Germany. He spent a year at work with St Willibrord until warfare interfered with progress. He went to Rome where the Pope made him a missionary bishop for Germany. The chopping down of Jupiter’s Oak in Frisia made a notable impact. Further visits to Rome made him archbishop, papal legate and Metropolitan over all Germany east of the Rhine with his centre at Mainz. He was deeply involved in the reformation of the Frankish clergy.
In his later days he set out once more for Frisia only to be killed by bandits. He was buried at the monastery of Fulda and his relics are in a shrine beneath the high altar.

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